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While thinking about all of the wonderful Polka Dots out there I decided to start with this one. Flowers for Fridays.

A beautiful bunch of flowers bought on a Friday afternoon (or any time for that matter) and savoured over the weekend, it is one of the most wonderful and simple Polka Dots of all. I think flowers in the house are such a delight, they bring the outside in and I find flowers so relaxing and comforting.

Image from: Garden Design www.gardendesign.com

I grew up with flowers in the house, not all the time, just on occasions and it was so lovely, like a new view or a tiny holiday for your eyes as they search the room for something predictable. Oh, and the joy of giving flowers is a Polka Dot all on its own, who doesn’t love to see the smile created when giving a beautiful bunch of flowers.

While I don’t have a favourite, because I think any flower in the right vase can be spectacular, I do love Australian native flowers and arrangements. But you have to be careful when asking for Australian natives because you may just find a South African King Protea in the mix. It is a spectacular flower but it will not make your arrangement an Australian native flower arrangement.

Image from: Australian Native Flowers. www.australiannativeflower.com

Different species of cut flowers require different care so remember to ask your florist or seller how you can get the best from your cut flowers to make them last day after day after day. Also think about the vessel, if it can hold water it can hold flowers. Be imaginative and create something wonderful to bring a quiet corner of a room to life.

What are your favourite Flowers for Fridays?