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I love discovering ‘Polka Dots’ during my day. I usually write them down so that they don’t just become part of my daily landscape but that they actually stand out. We all live in this busy world and the fabulous little details can often get stuck, wedged or swallowed up by the ‘other stuff’. Sometimes the ‘other stuff’ is important, sometimes it is far from it.

The other day I discovered a ‘Polka Dot’ that I share with a friend. I was fortunate to have a few hours with a very special friend of mine (actually I saw a few very special friends that day, lucky me!). But this particular friend and I somehow started talking about how we both love soaps (I love how one conversation can quickly and magically turn into a different conversation and you don’t even know how you got there). It wasn’t just about any old soap, it was about super special soap. You know, the soaps that smell divine and have delicious names that sound like fancy cocktails or deserts. The soaps that get wrapped in tissue paper at the counter and popped into a little paper bag. The soap that you keep and keep and keep, admiring it and occasionally picking it up to make sure it still smells like it did when you purchased it or when it was given to you. The soap that you can’t possibly use until just the right moment in time, then you carefully place it in the soap dish. Yes! That super special soap. If you don’t have any yourself then I am pretty sure you would know someone that does.

Even boys need super special soap…

Goats Milk Soap. One of the new additions to my ‘super special secret soap stash’

I remember when I was growing up there was always pretty soaps in the bathroom and it smelt so wonderful, fresh and florally. It felt homely and inviting. Now in my own home I love to have nice soaps and I love to give pretty soaps to my friends. When my Bridesmaids visited me in Sydney a few months before my wedding, I put out their towels then placed a pretty little soap on each of their towels. The soaps were a different name and fragrance especially chosen for each of them. I love to do unexpected things like this!

Recently I gave a friend a cute little soap for her birthday it was wrapped in blue and white stripped paper and had a little jewel on the front. It even smelt cute. And even more recently I bought myself some delicious soap, one was goats milk soap and the other, Pear and Ginger. Wow! The Pear and Ginger is beautiful (and sounds like a tropical cocktail!).

Pear and Ginger soap. This soap smells divine. I wish you could smell it too.

One of my favourite ‘can’t go past’ soaps is goats milk soap. It is great for your skin, especially in winter when the weather is drying. It is so creamy, delicious and nourishing and has such a wonderful soft scent. Fortunately for me, Dave understands the requirement of me having super special soaps and has contributed to the supply on occasion. A few years ago he gave me a wonderfully named soap for my birthday called ‘Oaty Goatie Goodness’. I was looking at it and smelling it recently (yes, to make sure it still smelt oaty, goatie and goodnessy!) and I think it might be getting close to optimal use time.

Oaty Goatie Goodness. Winter will be the perfect time to use this lovely earthy soap.

So, my friend (let’s call her Kate), who I share this soap love with was telling me about a lovely soap she found in a store in Melbourne. It’s fragrance was ‘orange and cinnamon’ (yum, if that’s not a fabulous winter-time soap fragrance, I don’t know what is). That evening I received a message from Kate saying that she had located an ‘orange and cinnamon’ soap in her ‘secret soap stash’ which she would like to give to me. Oh how wonderful! The anticipation of waiting for the soap to arrive so that I could smell it was so exciting. And just so you know, I did give Kate an opt out with no hard feelings clause, just in case she changed her mind and found the soap too delicious to part with. She was grateful for the clause but fortunately for me she found no need to use it.

Orange and Cinnamon. Prehaps beautiful soaps will be like plant cuttings, shared and enjoyed amongst family and friends.

Now I have a growing ‘super special secret soap’ stash. Well, not all that secret, but believe me Dave would not know where to find many of them. I am looking forward to using some during winter and finding more beautiful soaps for myself and to share with my beautiful, kind friends.

What is your favourite soap frangrance from your ‘super special secret soap’ stash?

Until next time.