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I am so excited!

This morning I ventured out to the garden to check on the progress of the vegetable garden. It is doing very well, everything is thriving and appears to be happy. I know it could do with a little more sun but it’s just not possible at the moment. Over the next few weeks the sun will sink further to the north, but then it will be on its way back. Oh how I look forward to that.

But, the vegetables are not what I am ‘so excited’ about. I am ‘so excited’ about my bulbs, well one in particular. This morning I discovered that one of my Hyacinth bulbs has pushed its way up and out toward the heavens. It is so lovely… look!

Here it comes, the first sight of the beautiful Hyacinth

This pot contains a single Hyacinth bulb, the pot is not very deep and it gets more sun than the other pots that contain either Hyacinth or Tulip bulbs. In my opinion the exposure to sun and warmth has enabled this little bulb to have a fabulous head start on the others. Unfortunately I can’t get the other pots any higher, it just isn’t possible.

I’ll just have to be patient with the  others. I’m sure they will surprise me one morning when I venture out to visit the garden.

Making progress through the soil and heading up to the heavens

The next surprise this little bulb will have for me is the colour. I have no idea what colour flowers it will produce, white, blue or pink but I know they will be spectacular and they will smell magical.

If you haven’t read about my ventures in planting the bulbs please click here, ‘It’s Bulb Planting Time’. Then you can read about planting Tulip Bulbs, which I did after the bulbs had spent some time in the freezer.

Who else is having success with bulbs? I’d love to hear about it.

Until next time.