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Spring is here!!

Some would say that it has been here a few weeks already and judging by the blooms bloomin outside my kitchen window, I couldn’t agree more. To say we had a tough winter in Sydney would be an exaggeration worthy of being publicly shamed on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Don’t even suggest it.

Do however, delight in spring time. Oh yes, please do!

Actinotus helianthi - Flannel Flower

Actinotus helianthi – Flannel Flower

It’s a time when the sun is noticeably higher in the sky, the colours in our landscape get brighter, our gardens get fuller and our jackets, heavy scarves and woollen hats get stored away to make way for summer dresses, sun hats and bikinis (if that’s your preference).

Actinotus helianthi - Flannel Flower

Actinotus helianthi – Flannel Flower

If my comment ‘our gardens are getting fuller’ has made your heart skip for all the wrong reasons never fear, I say, delight in other peoples gardens, like I do. Dave and I have our own little botanical wonders occurring in the garden (those of you following SerendipityDGSN on Instagram will be familiar with our planting and flowering successes). But by no means do we have our dream garden, not at the moment anyhow and not in our current digs. So spring is the perfect time for us to to get out amongst it and visit Open Gardens, spring flower festivals and delight in others people’s gardening passion.

Anigozanthos sp. - Kangaroo Paw - Orange

Anigozanthos sp. – Kangaroo Paw – Orange

There is so much happening right around Australia during spring, from shows to festivals. So, here is a very, very (very, very) short list of a some events that might be worthy of slapping on some sunscreen and popping on a sun hat to visit.

Westringia fruticosa - Coastal Rosemary

Westringia fruticosa – Coastal Rosemary

New South Wales:

Australian Garden Show Sydney – 5th to 8th September 2013 at Centennial Park

It’s happening right now so get your hat on, grab your sunscreen and your camera, purchase your ticket/s (online of course) and get movin’. I’ll see you there!

Daffodils at Rydal – 7th September to 8 September 2013 and 14th to 15th September 2013 with lots of other planty stuff happening on other weekends during September and October.

Swaths of Daffodils can be seen in private gardens and in public open spaces during the Oberon and Villages Spring Garden Festival.


Floriade – 14th September to 13th October 2013 Commonwealth Park Canberra

Canberra celebrates all things spring and bulby. And don’t forget to visit NightFest when Floriade comes alive after dark with entertainment, cocktails and a night market or market and cocktails. We all know what happens when we cocktail and shop.


Kyneton Daffodil and Arts Festival – 5th to 15th September 2013 Kyneton

Kyneton is making quite a name for itself with much desired country living, beautiful architecture, cool climate gardens and a bounty of beautiful shops. During Septmeber pay a visit to the Flower Show (7th and 8th) and the many, many open gardens.


Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers 2013 – 20th to 29th September 2013 Toowoomba

Oh my goodness! There’s so much on, check out the website for more information.


Spring Community Festival – 5th & 6th October 2013 Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens Hobart

The name says it all really, Spring… Community… Festival… and translates to plants, flowers, food, wine, entertainment, family.

Western Australia:

I tell you what, hop on the next west bound Indian Pacific train and report back to me. Just being in Western Australia at this time of year is a showcase, festival, carnival and open garden. It most certainly is on my to do list. There was chatter about it this year but it didn’t get over the line.

Northern Territory:

Maya’s Garden – 7th & 8th September 2013 Malak (Open Gardens Australia) If tropical gardens are your thing Darwin is the perfect place to see them. This South East Asian inspired garden will have you lusting after a tropical oasis of your very own.

Tupils - Lanka

Tupils – Lanka

There’s a few spring garden festivals to get you started. As I mentioned this is a very short list, there are many, many more than this so keep your eyes peeled and feel free to share any that you’d like to promote or any that you attend and think are worthy of a mention. If you’d like to share any pictures feel free to visit Serendipity Garden Designs on Facebook and leave them there.

Epidendrum sp. - Crucifix Orchid

Epidendrum sp. – Crucifix Orchid

I have not been asked to promote these gardens, festivals or shows, I just thought I’d let you know of a few so you can get out there with other like minded people and share your passion and/or growing interest in gardens and all things planty.

Have a wonderful spring weekend.

Until next time.


All pictures taken by me in my garden.