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This blog post first appeared on Cohabitaire {Lifestyle Inspire by Nature} in June 2013. As the warm smimming weather gets closer and closer for us in the southern hemispher I thought it a perfect opportunity to share with you the joy that is natural swimming pools, yes chemical free.

Natural Swimming Pool 6

During my teenage years and earlier I followed the blue-tiled line lap after lap after lap, kilometre, after kilometre. I loved swimming, it was one of the things I was actually good at when I was teenager. I soaked up every word my coach said to help me improve, I soaked up the boundless energy I had and I soaked up the chlorine into the pores of my skin…

I remember sitting in class after morning training sessions and all I could smell was the chlorine leaching out of my skin, yuk! And double yuk in a humid climate. Even after a few laps now I still get a hint of that same chlorine smell, although now it is a little less chemical and a little more nostalgic.

Natural Swimming Pool 2

If I was out and about and there was a swimming pool, that’s where you’d find me, submerged and loving it. The pool would have been either chlorinated or salt-chlorinated, but it didn’t matter, I was in the water, happy, excising and out in the great outdoors.

Natural Swimming Pool 4

Fast forward a couple of decades and who would have thought that these swimming pools in all of their kidney bean and rectangular shapes could one day be fresh water swimming pools (and germ free)? But don’t let the title fool you, a natural swimming pool doesn’t have to be natural looking with boulders, water plants and mud bottom, it can be a luxurious design element in your garden complete with timber or stone capping.

Natural Swimming Pool 3

The need for humanity to get back to nature, recycle and live more chemical free lives has inspired new thinking in the way we design, build and manage backyard swimming pools. It also contributes significantly to the decrease in the production / sourcing of chemicals and the use of them around our homes. This new way of thinking can only get better and it is by asking the questions of the professionals that you’ll see and help to create change. You can have a natural swimming pool designed from scratch or you can convert your existing pool to chemical free.

Natural Swimming Pool 3

By using a natural filtration system the need for chemicals to clean the water has been eliminated. No more sore red eyes or dry, stinky chlorine skin from swimming in chemicals. Now it really will be taking a dip to freshen up!

Natural Swimming Pool 5

Enjoy this summer of swimming and remember when there is water nearby always keep children in view.

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Images from DesignRulz and Phillip Johnson