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Welcome to the New Year! I hope the first nine days have been nothing but spectacular. If not, there’s still plenty of days left for improvment.

My days have been filled with swims in the ocean, bounties of summer fruits, relaxing picnics, catchups with friends, (a little too much) sleeping, followed by returning to work to find a spectacular discovery in my post box (if you follow any of my feeds on social media you will have seen it but if you don’t follow any… then you should get on board!)!

Cherries and Colander

So, back to the post box… I received my copy of the winter edition of Dutch gardening magazine Tuinieren all the way from Holland and mentioned inside is me!!! How fabulous!!!

It’s a little mention but a mention none the less about ‘Gardens and Polka Dots’ and ‘Serendipity Garden Designs’.

Tuinieren Magazine

I feel very honoured. It is a beautiful magazine and I have no doubt that if my Dutch was fluent I would enjoy the words along with the gorgeous pictures.

Thank you Tuinieren for inviting me to be apart of your beautiful magazine.

Until next time.


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Magazine Image: tuinieren.nl/