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Last weekend Dave and I went for our annual visit to The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden at Mt Tomah. We packed everything we needed and by everything I mean scarves, hats and coats because usually it is pretty cold up there. I remember one year we barely made it out of the car and beyond the gift shop – I love a botanically inspired shop so that is a must under any circumstance! However, this year it was quite different, sure we still wore jackets while we wondered around the garden but we weren’t covering every potentially exposed bit of skin on our bodies. It was wonderful weather!


I know, not the most sensible shoes for a walk around a garden, but what can I say, I love those shoes!

The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden is a cool climate garden focusing on southern hemisphere plants, some of which were in flower and looking rather spectacular. The other reason for a visit to the Blue Mountains, not just the garden is the autumn foliage. On the drive up Dave and I were mesmerised by the vibrancy of the autumn colour in the deciduous trees this year, claret, amber and every colour in between. Perhaps it was the abundant sunshine that was making it all look that little bit more showy.

Autumn At Mt Tomah

Autumn Trees

Water Fall

Mt Tomah Botanic Gardens

One of the views across to the ‘blue’ mountains


I love the little puff of Dianthus erinaceus in the rocks. I think the Botanic Gardens call this one Green Hedgehog and rightly so, it is super spiky

Autumn At Mt Tomah 2

Look at that crimson Protea flower 


Native Grass

This area is my favourite section of the garden

Grass Land

Still my favourite…

Protea 2


Pink Paper Daisy

It is well worth a visit and a lovely day out especially when lunch at Apple Bar is included in the schedule.

Our day out reminded us that it has been some time since we visited the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney so that has been put on the list. Maybe a picnic in the winter sun, because winter is just around the corner!

Until next time.