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I finally managed a visit to the Sydney Flower Market recently. I say finally because it has been well over a year since my last visit and many, many months with grand intentions to visit. For me, visiting the Flower Market requires planning. It is an early morning (5.00am rise) , the market is on the opposite side of the city to me and if I’m going to go I am going to purchase, which requires Dave and I being home the following week (or 2) to enjoy all the gorgeous flower arrangements I dot around our home. And, inviting guests for dinner.

My Flower Market wing girl, mentioned in a previous post The Flower Markets as ‘Almost Married’ couldn’t make it this time so I was concerned that my lack of said wing girl would propel me into Saturday morning laziness. But I am happy to report, no laziness here my friends, I was ready for my early morning adventure. I climbed out of bed, popped on my winter warmer layers, heated up my IQS Rooibos Chai, grabbed my market basket and scooted off to the market.

You might think me a little nuts for rising at 5.00am in the middle of winter to go to the Flower Market but I thought it was all rather lovely. Very rarely do I venture out into winter mornings except when required to so this self propelled early rise was refreshing and exciting. There were not as many flower varieties (or stalls for that matter) at the market as there was when I visited in late spring and early Autumn the year before but there were still bounties of blooms – I certainly didn’t miss out. And because it is winter with less vendors, there were less people and that is a good thing.




My tips for visiting the Flower Market:

Give yourself a budget…. it doesn’t matter what the budget is just have one. This was made easier with my second visit to the market, I had an idea what was available (of course this is seasonal), the volume of the flower bunches and the average prices being charged. My budget was $30, I spent $49 and I was completely fine with that. The extra $9 was for greenery which I thought essential to completing my arrangements – it was a quick last minute purchase.

Get there early…. the market opens at 5.00am and finishes at 11.00am. However, I suggest that you not rock up at reasonable o’clock because all the goodies will be gone. For me 7.00am is a late Flower Market arrival. 5.00am to 6.00am is perfect because remember, the Flower Market isn’t about just the flowers, it’s about the atmosphere. The sellers has already been up longer that you have so their enthusiasm is best experienced in the wee hours.

Take a basket… armfuls of flower bunches make it difficult to navigate through the market and pluck out perfectly formed blooms from shin high buckets. I have been popped in the head from an unexpected bunch of blooms on a number of occasions and while there are worse things to be popped with, a basket for your purchases is best.









So get out there, have fun, experiment with your flower arrangements, remember that your arrangements can evolve during the week or weeks – trim, chop, rearrange and try new vessels, not to mention move locations, think outside the floral square and enjoy.

Until next time.